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Directeur Adjoint • Ecole Ferrières – L’école de L’excellence à la Française – Paris


Ecole Ferrières – L’école de L’excellence à la Française – Paris

School • Ferrières en Brie

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Krumma Jonsdottir is an employee pevelopment professional. As Associate Director General of the Accelis Education Pole Group and independent coach through the Coaching Practice “Positive Performances”, she constantly focuses on the optimal functioning of individuals, teams and organisations.

With more than 25 years of operational and corporate management positions in the hotel industry, her achievements are all related to people management and organisational structuring / restructuring.

Since 2016, Krumma has co-managed 2 higher education schools where she was free to implement her philosophy of positive education and people development and, she also works as an independent coach in positive psychology.

She now has the knowledge, tools and academic skills to support individuals, teams and organisations to increase their self-awareness, identify their purpose, values ​​and strengths and act the inner power so that they become the best version of themselves.


  1. 03/2016 • 09/2022

    Directrice Adjointe

    FERRIERES Paris • 75006 Paris, FRANCE

  2. 03/2016 • 09/2022

    Directrice Générale

    Ferrieres Audit Consulting Coaching • 77164 Ferrières-en-Brie, FRANCE

  3. 04/2011 • 03/2016

    Manager - Hotel Operations Training Europe

    InterContinental Hotels Group • 75006 Paris, FRANCE