About Us


Vendom Talents, the professional network


A new concept

We offer a network that provides all the benefits of the tools available on the market. It connects selected professionals with luxury establishments and generates tailored results.

Our exclusive specialization in luxury allows us to proffer a targeted communication, qualified candidates and a placement expertise responding to all needs.

An innovative platform

Job and internship offers are published on an integrated “job board” that also highlights establishments on all our social networks.

This comprehensive and on-request placement system also features a large portfolio of selected candidates.


Highlighted establishments

Through our selection, each member of the network can see his information flow on an elegant site that puts forward the latest news that might be of interest to the member. Information is shared in real time on our social networks (Linkedln, Facebook, Instagram et Twitter), which multiplies visibility through extensive audience.


Internationnal communication

Vendom Talents is a privileged community, which aims at communicating current events and offering professional opportunities in the world, thanks to its members exclusively specialized in luxury. Vendom Talents does not operate on multiple channels, but gathers luxury hospitality and starred gastronomy recruitment in one place. It is the major showcase for the professionals of this industry!

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