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Coach Exécutif • Infiny Formation


Infiny Formation

Coach • Bordeaux

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For more than 10 years, Infiny Formation has been working in an original and enjoyable way in the hotel business, with 20 years of management experience at all levels in the tourism and luxury hotels world.

With approaches such as NLP, AT, systemic approach, paradoxical approach, audit, advice and coaching, Infiny Formation offers as services:

• Executive coaching for teams, individuals or pairs;
• Company strategy, support for change management;
• Personal development, interpersonal communication, conflict management, mediation;
• Training-action (tailor-made): Positive leadership, benevolent management, manager with high standards and benevolence etc;
• Quality of service developed by the customer experience;
• Emotional intelligence, stress management, emotion management, public speaking.


  1. 03/2009 • 09/2022

    Coach Formateur et Consultant

    Infiny Formation • 75006 Paris, FRANCE

  2. 10/2003 • 03/2009

    Directeur Général

    Dolce Frégate Provence • 83270 Saint Cyr sur Mer, FRANCE