Do you want to benefit from our network and be part of our recruiters?

How to proceed ?

1.                1ST  EXCHANGE

A first exchange, with someone from our team or from the management of one of our VENDOM PREMIUM licenses depending on the geographical location of your establishment/s and/or corporate headquarters, will be requested in order to get to know each other better and take note of your needs.

Contact us: info@thevendomcompany.com 

2.               COMPANY and RECRUITER PROFILE

The information needed to create your recruiter account and company listing:


  • Name of establishment
  • Full postal address
  • HD photos of the establishment
  • Description of the establishment (approximately 10-15 lines)
  • Permission to use signed photos


  • Name, first name, and position of the RECRUITER
  • RECRUITER's email address (may be different from the address that receives applications)
  • Phone number


  • VAT no.
  • Logo
  • Contact with your COMMUNICATION-MEDIA service - Name of the person in charge and email address (to ensure together a regular highlight of news related to your establishment on the Vendôm network)

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