You are a passionate, dynamic and committed professional and you want to be part of our portfolio of qualified candidates?

It is as simple as that...

1.                Connect to https://www.vendomtalents.com/en  and create your CANDIDATE profile by adding your up-to-date PDF CV.

2.               Our team will take care to consult it as soon as possible.

3.               Once your profile has been validated by us, you will be able to apply directly via your profile to the offers that are of interest to you and get in direct contact with the recruiters.

4.               By joining our qualified network, you will also be able to consult all of our offers, news, and interviews in the luxury hotel industry: France, Switzerland, Benelux, North Africa , the Indian Ocean, and very soon the Pacific, the Middle East and Asia!

5.               At the same time, our teams will be sure to contact you if an offer matching your profile comes up.


The VENDOM teams are there at your side to:

  • Highlight the passion and beauty of our jobs AND NOT the retributive aspect
  • Help you find meaning in what you do and what you believe in
  • Accompany you at every stage of your career (advice, opportunities, contact, etc.)



Thank you for your interest in VENDOM and for your trust.

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