Hublot's Inaugural Hublot Loves Summer Party by Lake Zurich


Hublot, the renowned luxury watchmaker, recently orchestrated a spectacular event on the scenic shores of Lake Zurich, marking the first-ever Hublot Loves Summer Party. This exclusive gathering brought together Friends of the Brand and esteemed Ambassadors, including the likes of Mujinga Kambundji, Corinne Suter, Andreas Caminada, Dario Cologna, and Alan Roura. The event, characterized by sun-inspired cocktails, a captivating performance by the Dora Live Band, and an electrifying set by DJ Ilona, showcased not only the shared passions but also the values that unite these accomplished individuals and the Hublot family.

Each of these five exceptional figures emanates a unique blend of understated strength and humility. They all share an intrinsic commitment to time and its mastery, continuously pursuing speed, precision, performance, and optimization in their respective domains, whether it's sports or other disciplines. It's worth noting that even though they excel individually, their achievements are magnified by the backing of dedicated professional teams who offer coaching and support.

The evening's atmosphere was charged with the essence of competition, determination, and team camaraderie. A spirited table football tournament was a highlight of the event, echoing the spirit of the ninth FIFA Women’s World Cup, for which Hublot serves as the Official Timekeeper. In this engaging tournament, three guest finalists squared off against three ambassador teams, vying for the coveted Hublot Loves Summer Party 2023 Cup.

Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot, emphasized the significance of building a family-like environment for Hublot’s Friends of the Brand and Ambassadors. He highlighted that the connections forged extend beyond achievements and careers, creating a profound sense of belonging. Bringing these five remarkable individuals together for the first time showcased the bonds they share and the collective sense of being part of the Hublot family. This connection, beyond timepieces and brand imagery, embodies the essence of Hublot's story.

The inaugural Hublot Loves Summer Party not only celebrated excellence and achievement but also showcased the power of unity and camaraderie within the Hublot community. As the sun set over the enchanting Lake Zurich, the event marked a memorable occasion that perfectly encapsulated the brand's ethos and values.

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