Six Senses Kyoto: A Sensory Journey of Reconnection in Japan's Ancient Capital

Debuting just three days ago, Six Senses Kyoto marks a significant milestone as the brand’s inaugural venture into Japan, adding a vibrant chapter to its expanding urban collection. Nestled amidst the historic shrines and palaces of Kyoto, the hotel beckons guests to an immersive experience blending urban vibrancy with serene escape, promising holistic wellness, sustainable practices, and unparalleled experiences.

A Tribute to Kyoto's Rich Heritage
Drawing inspiration from the illustrious Heian period (794-1185), Six Senses Kyoto pays homage to Kyoto's golden age of art and culture, characterized by the concept of "Miyabi" or courtly elegance. The hotel's design masterfully weaves traditional Japanese arts into a contemporary narrative, exemplified by the lobby's centerpiece—an intricate folding screen adorned with 504 handcrafted Kyoto-made Rakuyaki tiles, symbolizing the silhouette of Mount Kurama. Opposite, a modern interpretation of "Chōjū-giga" sets a whimsical tone, offering a playful nod to Japan's literary history.

Sanctuary of Tranquility and Rejuvenation
The hotel's 81 guest rooms and suites serve as havens for contemplation, each thoughtfully designed to promote relaxation and reconnection. From the Premier Suite Garden with its private Japanese courtyard to the expansive Three Bedroom Penthouse Suite, every space exudes serenity and sophistication. Guests can indulge in the bespoke Sleep With Six Senses experience, ensuring restful slumber through organic mattresses and personalized sleep consultations.

Holistic Wellness Journey: Fusion of Tradition and Science
Inspired by Kyoto's Zen philosophy, Six Senses Spa offers a harmonious blend of traditional healing practices and modern science. The Kyoto-exclusive Ah-un treatment embodies the pursuit of inner peace and balance, while the Biohack Recovery Lounge provides state-of-the-art solutions for post-travel recovery. Integrated wellness programs cater to various needs, from sleep optimization to detoxification and fitness.

Culinary Exploration Through Japan's Seasons
Sekki, the hotel's all-day dining restaurant, celebrates Japan's 24 micro-seasons with hyper-seasonal menus crafted from locally sourced ingredients. Executive Chef Hiroki Shishikura's culinary philosophy revolves around honoring nature's bounty, resulting in a veg-forward lineup complemented by sustainably sourced meats and seafood. Café Sekki and Nine Tails cocktail bar offer additional avenues for culinary exploration and indulgence.

Sustainability and Community Engagement
Central to Six Senses Kyoto's ethos is a commitment to sustainability, reflected in eco-conscious design, operational practices, and community initiatives. The hotel's Sustainability Fund supports local organizations dedicated to environmental conservation and cultural preservation, fostering a deeper connection with Kyoto's heritage and natural resources.

Now in Kyoto: Special Opening Offer
To celebrate its debut, Six Senses Kyoto presents the Now in Kyoto package, inviting guests to experience the hotel's sanctuary with exclusive savings on accommodations and dining. Guests can also explore IHG One Rewards, earning points with each stay for future escapes in Kyoto and beyond.

For further information and bookings, please contact:

Henry Cheung
Director of Marketing Communications, Six Senses Kyoto
Mobile: +81 80 7994 2800

About Six Senses Kyoto
Situated in Kyoto's historic Higashiyama district, Six Senses Kyoto offers a sanctuary where luxury meets holistic wellness and sustainability. With a design inspired by Kyoto's Heian period, the hotel's offerings—ranging from spa treatments to culinary experiences—invite guests on a journey of reconnection and rejuvenation in Japan's ancient capital.

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