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Umberto Cesari: paving the way for Emilia-Romagna wines


Deep in the hills of Castel San Pietro Terme, Umberto Cesari Winery is changing the face of wine from Emilia-Romagna. Specialising in Sangiovese wines, Umberto Cesari is the pinnacle of innovation, inclusion and sustainability for modern Italian wines.

Although a mecca for Italian DOC produce such as Parma Ham, Mortadella Bologna, Parmigiano Reggiano, traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, the Borgotaro mushroom, plus much more, the wine from the region isn’t quite famous as the ones produced in other areas of Italy. However, despite not having taken over the international wine scene yet, Emilia-Romagna is working hard to change this, and one particular winery – Umberto Cesari – is making waves on the Italian viticulture circuit.

Umberto Cesari’s wine making has always focused on local native grapes, specialising in Sangiovese wines, along with Albana, Pignoletto and Trebbiano. Over time they have added international varieties as well, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, recognizing the potential of the blend.

Having been producing first-class grapes since 1964, the winery is dedicated to promoting awareness of the local terrain and its importance as the primary resource for grapes par excellence. They follow a philosophy that respects the earth but at the same time welcomes new challenges represented by sustainability and innovation.

The company states, “we know that the grape of tomorrow must be even better than today”.
And with this idea as their driving force, Umberto Cesari instils their heritage, passion and expertise into every product and service. They are deeply rooted in their place of origin but strive to keep evolving and adapting to the changing demands of the climate, clientele and wine culture.

As a result, they employ advanced technologies in their wine-making processes and consistently seek to improve on these where possible. Their dedication to sustainability also means they use agricultural practices that operate with the utmost respect for land and wines.

Boasting eight properties under the Umberto Cesari wine portfolio; Podere Ca’ Grande, Podere Casetta, Podere Claterna, Podere Laurento, Podere Liano, Podere Miravalle, Podere Parolino, Podere Tauleto, special care and attention is paid to the unique qualities of the local soil, climate and grape varieties to ensure the uncompromising quality of the wines produced.

Umberto Cesari is an expression of tradition, continuity and innovation that has an unwavering belief in the native varietals of Emilia-Romagna. With every bottle, you get a taste of the terroir that rivals any of the best Italian wines out there.

Umberto Cesari has always stood out from the crowd with an unmistakable style and taste. Their wines are the product of ancient knowledge of the land combined with the modern spirit of viticulture, and they continue to pave the way for a new generation of Emilia-Romagna wines.

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