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Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon tells the story of two lovebirds this Valentine's Day

news-main-four-seasons-hotel-ritz-lisbon-tells-the-story-of-two-lovebirds-this-valentines-day.1547837480.jpg Crédit photo : FOUR SEASONS HOTEL RITZ LISBON

Never mind the millions of greeting cards, heart-shaped chocolate boxes and roses that will pass from giver to recipient this Valentine’s Day. Executive Sous Chef Carlos Cardoso’s Valentine’s Day menu at Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon is a show of true, everlasting love, year after year, after year.

This year, Valentine’s Day menu tells a love story between two lovebirds, Kiwi and Siouxsie, and how they inspired Pastry Sous Chef Diogo Lopes’ dessert at Varanda Restaurant for the evening of February 14, 2019.

Once upon a time there was a bird, his name was Kiwi. But Kiwi was no regular bird, he was a lovebird. Lovebirds mate for life. They pine for each other, and like overly affectionate couples in restaurants on Valentine’s, lovebirds feed each other. They’re also thought to have in some way inspired Valentine’s Day.

Kiwi was happy with his single status and used to spend all the time with Maura, his owner. But one day, Kiwi decided to ditch his bachelorhood and wanted to have a companion. After a little heartbreak from a peach-faced lovebird Maura found for him, he encountered Siouxsie.

Initially, they were not at all compatible, Maura stated to a leading news portal, "They are polar opposites. Kiwi is a super friendly fun-loving boy, and Siouxsie is very shy and all business. She didn't like Kiwi at all at first and would bite if he got near her. However, he won her over quickly." And soon enough Kiwi was feeding his girlfriend seed puree ...

It was this beautiful love story of lovebirds that motivated Pastry Sous Chef Diogo Lopes to create his Love Birds dessert: a mouth-watering bergamot biscuit with strawberry cream, elderberry flower and gari sorbet.

But while dessert is something everyone looks forward to on Valentine’s Day, rest assured Executive Sous Chef Carlos Cardoso’s menu is a declaration of love in itself to the season’s best ingredients, and it should be on any aesthete's must-eat list. To start off, the amuse-bouche of real crab, Neuvic caviar and borage, and a veal tartar, spicy radish and alisson flowers. The fish dish is a lightly braised red mullet in amaranth leaves, rosemary ash and smoked salt flower, and because we actually do eat with our eyes, Carlos has also prepared and beautifully plated an immaculate white dish with carabineiro, Marreco prawns, coconut and Persian lime emulsion, crustaceans beignet, celery powder and combawa. For meat lovers the Chef has chosen a matured Irish beef cut, beetroot, blackcurrant gel and voatsiperifery pepper sauce.

Be it more cliché, or less cliché, everyone has their own definition of love. Love for one’s parents, love for what one does, love for one’s children, eternal love, platonic love, summer love, Shakespearean love, impossible love. Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon celebrates love in all shapes and sizes and for all tastes, as long as it’s for life.

For bookings, contact the Hotel's concierge or call +351 21 381 1400.

Valentine’s Day Dinner

  • Where: Varanda Restaurant
  • When: Thursday, February 14, 2019
  • Price: EUR 110 per person (includes a Valentine’s Day Cocktail)


  • Real crab, Neuvic caviar and borage
  • Veal tartar, spicy radish and alisson flowers
  • Braised red mullet in amaranth leaves, rosemary ash and smoked salt flower
  • Carabineiro, Marreco prawns, coconut and Persian lime emulsion
  • Crustaceans beignet, celery powder and combawa
  • Roses granita
  • Matured Irish beef, beetroot, blackcurrant gel and voatsiperifery pepper sauce
  • "Love Birds" with bergamot biscuit, strawberries cream, elderberry flower and gari sorbet

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