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Excelia Tourism and Hospitality School

Excelia Tourism and Hospitality School

Présentation de la société

Excelia Tourism and Hospitality School provides up to 5 years post high school courses which aim to train students in the tourism, hospitality, leisure and events industries. The school includes a strong international dimension, essential to the sector.

It trains students in higher and further education.

Whichever area they intend to work in (institutional tourism, travel, accommodation, leisure, transport or events) they will build learning on:

  • Knowledge and expertise
  • Transferable skills: interpersonal skills and client service, understanding and communication, adaptability, engagement, creativity.
  • An aptitude to evolve in a strong international context (being plurilingual and the intercultural understanding)
  • A strong sensitivity to the development of sustainable, responsible and accessible touristic activities
  • A working knowledge of the digital tools essential to promoting the activity