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Rengent Taipei Launches the World's first photography butler service

news-main-rengent-taipei-launches-the-worlds-first-photography-butler-service.1546539085.png Crédit photo : Rengent Taipei

As private butlers are the hallmark of five star service, Regent Taipei was the first hotel in Taipei to import Taipei’s first British private butler training system, as well as the Wedding butler and Shopping butler services. And today, to accommodate the rise of ubiquitous mobile phone usage and to better serve our customers’ social media habits, Regent Taipei will be launching the world’s first Photobutler service – professional and passionate Photobutlers will accompany Regent Taipei room guests to enjoy the city, tourist attractions and popular Instagram check-in spots. The Photobutler service aims to create beautiful memories for Regent Taipei room guests.

Regent Taipei Managing Director Simon Wu states, “Enhancing guest satisfaction is a continuous goal for us. Following the increase in FIT customers and the close relationship between photography, social media and travel, the services we provide must also reflect these trends – hence the birth of the Photobutler service. Photobutlers are not only great ambassadors for the city but also a wonderful recorder of our room guests’ journey. Travelers in Taipei who are unfamiliar with the city will be able to fully enter exploration mode with insider tips on secret spots; and most conveniently, there will be no need for selfie sticks or handing your phone to strangers for photo-taking!”

For this service launch, Regent Taipei spent over a month visiting and collecting popular Instagram spots, hoping to offer our guests an exciting journey that also incorporates the stories and interesting facts behind each setting. Also, Photobutlers are a group of trained like-minded colleagues; for example, Alex, Regent Taipei’s Chief Concierge, Taiwan’s Golden Key society president and passionate photographer, is part of our Photobutler service program and is excited to share his insider knowledge of the city and his photography expertise. Alex’s recommended scenic routes that guests may enjoy include Taipei Omotesando (Taipei’s Chung Shan N. Rd.), Dadaocheng Exploration and Hipster Ximending.

The Photobutler service must be reserved in advance, three days before check-in date, route and itinerary options may be customized based on time available, season and number of people in the guest party.

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